Quatrain of Saadi

QOS is an Islamic Media Production house founded in 2015 to promote Islamic Arts. QOS is an independent production house which works with an array of artists, performers and scholars to release Islamically orientated records and albums. Our primary aim is to enrich our society with the beautiful treasures left behind by our predecessors but also highlight and provide a platform for contemporary artists. We aim to combine the values and spirituality of traditional and orthodox Islam. We specialise in the inception, creation, production and distribution of Islamic music known as Nasheeds, Naats or Madh and Qawwali. QOS production house works on supporting young talented artists who posses the fervent dedication and quality promote sufi music. We also hold live events and programmes throughout the country and wordl.

Qutrain of Saadi Message

Our overall hope and aim is to transmit, promote and distribute traditional ascetic music and poetry of the Mystics and Gnostics. The message of Islam being peace, love, harmony and unity which has been the core message of Islam. This form will be inspirational which will reinforce love and affection for the Beloved of Allah (SAW) naturally invoking passion and love for the Beloved SAW. The melodious sounds and eloquent lyrics will be a conduit in spreading the peaceful outlook of the faith of Islam, that has been somewhat overlooked during these challenging times.

QOS endeavour to produce and distribute Islamic multi-media to the highest standard so that it is presented in such a way that is entertaining and educational. In the current climate of suspicion and distrust amongst the citizens of the world and Islam, we are looking to transcend the boundaries of faiths and cultures so that the central message of Islam which is peace and harmony could be spread amongst people of all faiths in order to co-exist in this world as was the case in history.